• Comfortable. Most people would feel annoyed by having something pushed into his or her nose, yet, Silent Snore does not cause any discomfort—it fits comfortably into any nose.
  • Therapeutic magnets. The high-quality magnets will not let Silent Snore fall out and will stimulate the sensory nerves which will lead to better night’s sleep.
  • Good for you and your partner. Sometimes snoring impacts not only you, but also your partner. Both of you are unable to get the right amount of sleep; therefore, you both suffer from exhaustion. Silent Snore effectively solves this problem—no more snoring—no more disrupted sleep!
  • A special case. For the reasons of hygiene, Silent Snore comes with a mini case to keep it away from dust. The case is sterile and easily fits into any bag.
  • Quality materials. Soft, comfortable silicone is safe to use and non-intrusive, so you will feel comfortable with Silent Snore from its first use!
  • Suitable for all. Silent Snore comes in one size which fits all—because of the materials it is made of, it will fit and feel great to everyone, despite the gender or nose size!
  • Eco-friendly. The materials Silent Snore was made from are 100% eco-friendly, reusable and recyclable.